Classic sartorial, reimagined.


Luxury fabrics, languid cuts and romantic adornments abound.

Clothes that walk a fine line between 21st Century chic and the elegance of eras past. This is cultured clothing of another calibre. 

Veil London offers up the ultimate wardrobe for the modern woman, successfully bridging the gap between black tie and laid back, the extravagant and understated. Whether it’s a lazy brunch on a Sunday morning, a business lunch with the boss, or dressed to the nines on a glamorous red carpet run, we deliver exclusive apparel that is flirtatious and sassy without giving away too much.

Saunter down the sidewalk, stroll along the boardwalk, or dress to impress in the office. VEIL’s garments can be worked into the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis - rain, hail, or shine.

 It’s a new era. Fashion no longer has to fit constraints. It’s time to throw out the rulebook and start a dialogue with the world about who you really are. Now you’ve got the wardrobe to do it with.


Sophistication that catches the eye but never reveals its secrets.



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